About Us - Mulch Services, Inc.


A Company Built on Experience

In 1977, Richard “Dickie” Moorhead started a clearing and site preparation business MW Clearing and Grading, Inc. MW grew from a one man show in Blacksburg, South Carolina to one of the largest clearing contractors in the Southeast. In 2008, Moorhead Brothers, Inc. (MBI) was born when Dickie’s two sons, Richard and Patrick Moorhead, followed in his footsteps. A few years later Richard married, moved, and started his own site preparation business. Since this time Patrick has taken the reigns at MBI and it has rapidly grown. Under Patrick’s direction MBI has expanded to offer a total site development package, as well as right of way clearing services, timber felling, and grinding. Through MBI’s growth and expansion of its right of way services the need for disposal of excess material became evident.


With the excess material and the need to figure out what to do with it, Mulch Services, Inc. (MSI) was founded in early 2014. Under the direction of Patrick Moorhead, MSI offers a variety of mulch in different sizes and colors at its 90 acre facility located at 550 York Road in Blacksburg, South Carolina.